You Are Not Alone

In so many ways this week has been a rough one. One of my friends and neighbors passed away as a result of a motorcycle accident. His funeral was yesterday. The entire week brought right back to the forefront our losing Laney. Every emotion, every question, brought right back. Just like that.

In his talk at the funeral yesterday, my bishop (lay ecclesiastical leader) said that we should not use past tense when we talk about our loved ones who have passed away. Because they are simply still on the same path that they were meant to be on all along. That they are just gone from our view. That they still exist. I love how he put that because it is exactly how we feel.

Heavenly Father’s plan that we can be together with our families forever is so amazing. But…it is so incredibly true. It actually keeps me going. Knowing that we will be with Laney again. That she is still around us. One of her favorite church songs, and ironically mine as well is Come Thou Fount. This is my favorite version, so I thought I would share it with you. I listen to it almost everyday.


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3 thoughts on “You Are Not Alone

  1. Tina, it has been a rough month with two fathers mid-way through life continuing on, returning to Father, leaving their sweet families behind. I am sorry that it was all brought back, so very hard on both your heart and soul.
    I can only imagine as I consider time and time again not having one at my house walk through the front door, an empty seat at the table, one missing at prayer time. I only know that I can’t breathe as I contemplate it and sorrow continually for all of you.
    The title of your post is one of my favorite Michael McLean songs, I know you know it. Here are the lyricss

    Here’s a little song to help you get along.
    It will see you through when you’re feeling blue.
    And though it’s not profound when you’re feeling down, so down,
    Sing this little tune, and you’ll feel better soon.
    You’re not alone, even when you’re feeling on your own,
    You are loved in ways that can’t be shown; your needs are known;
    You’re not alone.
    And when you cry, you’re just letting go of heartache deep inside,
    And tomorrow there’ll be sunshine and sky and love close by;
    You’re not alone.
    And we know that it’s not easy, but we know that it won’t last,
    ’cause one that loves you more than me is sending blessings fast.
    You’re not alone, say it one more time,
    “I’m not alone,”
    And even when it’s hard to find the words, our prayers are heard;
    We’re not alone.
    You’re not alone.

    Hugs and loves! V.

    • I actually love that song! You know how much having you in our lives means to us. It makes everyday so much easier knowing that you love Laney and love us, too. Please don’t be sad, but continue to look for the blessings that we know He is sending your way, too! Love you!~ Tina

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