Why Fit In?

One thing that Laney was really good at was standing out. Whether it was being named to the region all defensive team in basketball, or placing in the discus at state track after only having done it for three weeks, she stood out. She excelled in so many different areas. But my favorite area where she stood out was in her character.

She was a happy person and tended to make others happy, too. She encouraged people to do things they probably wouldn’t have done. Don’t worry, it was all good stuff. But with Laney, she stood out because she stood up. She stood up for her little brother when he was being picked on. She stood up for many people that she barely knew. But most importantly, she stood up for what she believed.

One always knew where they stood with Laney. There was no peer pressure for her. She told it how it was and didn’t waiver. She knew what she believed and was very passionate about it. She was always like that. Even from a young age. And the sweet part is…so are her sisters. So I get to see that part of Laney that I truly admired in my other kids, too. It actually makes me look forward to tomorrow.


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