What Brings You Peace?

I just realized something. I think I knew it all along, but it was like light bulb going off in my head. One of those times when you go, “AHHH…NOW I get it!” Here it is: being around Laney’s friends brings a kind of peace to us. Especially those friends that knew Laney and loved her, too.

I think that is why I love it when they come to the house, or see them at the store, or at the ball field. There is an automatic friendship that we now have with her friends. Running into one of them always brings a smile to my face. Maybe it’s because I know how much Laney loved them. Whatever the reason, I am so glad that when they see me or any of the family, they are excited to see us. They aren’t afraid to come visit. They know that we have that tie that now binds us all together. Laney.

How grateful I am that she had such good friends. That they know we still need them and that they aren’t afraid to talk about her. Thank you for helping us to find some of that peace. I hope it helps you find peace as well.


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