Waiting on Perfect to Arrive

We have been working hard with our friends at Bunderson Monument to create the most amazing headstone for Laney. And we got it in today.

The remarkable thing is that this headstone was thought through with much love from a number of people. It was done by our good friends through email and phone calls. We didn’t actually see the stone until it was put in. And it was better than we could have hoped for. Thank you to Valerie for the idea to use Laney’s own quote on the back! It was the perfect touch. We love you!

So we have been waiting on the perfect headstone to arrive. And the pictures don’t do it justice. It is a bitter sweet moment for us. But it is perfect. It is SO Laney. I know she would approve.

What do you think? Breathtaking!


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19 thoughts on “Waiting on Perfect to Arrive

  1. I lost my grandson Kyle on Jan. 8th of this year, he was 16, I admire your Faith, I know I will see him again, but its so painful living without him, I loved him so much, and it will only be 6 months on july 8th, but seems like yesterday..Have a Blessed day and God richly bless you and your family….Barb

    • Hi Barb, I am so sorry to hear about your grandson. You are so right…even knowing that we will see them again, it doesn’t take the pain away. It will get softer with time. I can’t say easier, because it won’t ever be easier, but God will soften the pain. Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am glad I can help in some small way. ~ Tina

  2. It is absolutely beautiful. I stopped the other day after work to see. After having read some of your posts and reading Laney’s testimony it is perfect. I stood there for a moment and cried and hoped that Laney and Josh could meet and share memories of Jens and fun times in our neighborhood…..

    • Bill, I am sure they are. I am glad you liked it. We wanted it to be so Laney, and I think we accomplished that. Thanks for your encouragement and support. :)

  3. It is a beautiful headstone. I think I can read all the writing, but my eyes are getting old and I can’t get the pictures to enlarge. Can you e-mail me what’s on the front and back. That is awesome to use Laney’s quotes on it. I’m also glad you put her parents and siblings. You know, we put Dad’s quote on on his tombstone. I’m sure she is so greatly missed. Elder Scott’s talk in conference today gave me a lot of comfort. You are wonderful at keeping Laney’s memory alive.

  4. Beautiful!!!!!!! I hope to be up there someday to see it for myself. Amazing!!!!!
    Laney’s testimony is so awe inspiring to me that I glued it into my scriptures.

    • So glad you like it. The pictures really don’t do it justice. I love her testimony as well. It has effected so many people. I am sure she would be happy with what we have done with it :)

  5. I am so pleased. But you already knew that. :) I love the uniqueness, the sophistication, and sacredness of what was chosen for engraving. What a monument to the life she lived. I do think she would approve. (And so would Brother Hawkins!)

  6. Tina, we will forever be so very grateful for Laney’s beautiful spirit and marvelous example, her loving ways not only to Jens but to us his family as well. She is a remarkable mentor who built an exquisite monument of her life, beyond amazing at her young age. This stone is so very fitting, heartbreakingly so! Looking forward to that glorious time! We love you, love you!

    • Valerie, you are amazing, an I am so glad that our amazing kids were amazing together. Now, if Sunday would just come! We love you guys so much and are glad you are in our lives. Words cannot describe the way we feel about the support and love you have shown us. You are the best.

  7. Absolutey Laney ! beautiful and perfect for this weekend to be in and before Easter. Love the blog..keep it coming..

  8. I love reading your blog and getting to know Laney better. I think the head stone is very beautiful and was done very well. Thanks you for sharing your story with us and for being a good example.

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