They Chose You

I read an article in the newspaper the other day that hit me so forcefully that it brought tears to my eyes. Let me go back a little and explain the reason behind my reaction. When my son was six he was diagnosed with bipolar, ADHD, and a litany of other things. When he was 15 we found out that the “other things” was actually Autism. To say that the years have been rough has been an understatement.

I have often wondered why it has to be so hard. I have been frustrated with him quite often. Several times, Laney would look me in the eyes, point her finger at me and say, ” He was given to our family for a reason!” I knew that, but sometimes we all need reminders, right?

So, while I was reading this article, one paragraph stuck out to me. It was talking about comparing ourselves to other parents, and how we shouldn’t ever do that. It said, “They don’t have your kids or your circumstances or your marriage or your personality, and you don’t have theirs.”

Here is the part that made me sit back and get emotional: “And your kids did not choose them to be their parents; they chose you and they want you. And God did not choose someone else to be their parents; he chose you. And God did not choose someone else to be your kids; he chose the ones you got — for you and for you alone.” Richard and Linda Eyre

Wow. I guess Laney was right after all. But I already knew that.


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