Temple Open House and Dedication

They announced the open house for our temple the day before Laney’s birthday. I am so excited! There are so many emotions running through me about it.

While our whole town has been excited about the temple being completed, it has special meaning for our family. When they broke ground, we went very early in the morning to get a seat as possible. The entire town had this hush and spirit that day that is difficult to describe. We got a chance to use the golden shovels and turn some of the dirt, too. And it was all amazing.

Ally, Laney and Addisyn waiting for the Angel Moroni to be put on the temple

Then last summer they put the Angel Moroni on top of the east spire. It was a day I couldn’t be there. But Laney took her two sisters and went down early to get a good seat. Her sisters had just had surgery on both of their feet a few weeks earlier and were in boots and wheel chairs. Yet Laney took them to this amazing, once in a lifetime event. She wanted them to be there and was so excited for them to be with her.

As we have watched the temple rise, I have such bittersweet emotions about it. Laney so was stinking excited about the temple. When she would pick me up at the bus station after work, she would point out every new thing that had been done each day. It was like a little girl in a candy shop, she was so excited. that is why the temple is such a prominent part of her memorial. I think about that every time I drive by the temple.

I wish so badly that she could be here to see it completed. She would undoubtedly have been the first in line to go through. But then I have to remind myself that she has already seen it. That she is still as excited as ever, and that it still means everything that it did to her while she was here. And knowing that brings me comfort.


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