My Unexpected Life

My life hasn’t been at all what I had planned. It has been much harder than I  ever imagined. Not that we imagine how hard life will be. I don’t know what my young mind thought life would be like, but I am sure it wasn’t this. Some of the circumstances we find ourselves in may be harder than we imagined, while others will be delightfully pleasant. More than we dreamed.

As a girl, all I dreamed of was getting married in the temple to a great guy, being a mom, being able to stay home with the kids, and living happily ever after. I am sure that most girls dream of something similar. I know my girls dream about it. They talk about it all the time.

But sometimes life becomes the unexpected. I never thought that we would have struggles like unemployment. Or illness. Or a disabled child. I would  never have thought that I would lose my daughter. She is the first and only grandchild or great grandchild on both sides of the family that we have lost. That is over 200 kids. And Laney had to go and be the first. Sounds just like her.

There are some amazing things that were unexpected, too. I never thought I would have twins. Or have amazingly talented daughters. Or have some of the talents that are mine. I never thought I would be here, helping others. But I am.

So in my unexpected life, I will continue to expect the unexpected, and nothing will be able to surprise me again. Because I am expecting it. I tell myself all the time that I can do hard things. And the unexpected things can be the hardest. But, I will face those things I cannot change and know that I have people pulling for me. Both on this side of the veil and the other. Because they are.