Surround Yourself With Greatness

I have been thinking a lot lately about the kind of people we surround ourselves with. The kind of people that Laney has as friends. And it amazes me. Do the people we surround ourselves with encourage us? Do they want us to be our best selves? Do they help us along our way? Are they there for us when we really need them?

My daughter, Brynna, is friends with a lot of Laney’s friends. She used to hang out with Laney and her friends all the time. As I have thought about it, I am glad she let Brynna hang out with them. That they are still Brynna’s friends. Because they all love Laney, and they love Brynna as well. All of Laney’s close friends have kept in contact with Brynna. Encouraging her. Listening to her. Showing her what real friends are like.

Laney had the kind of friends that were great examples to everyone. They included everyone. That knew what it meant to be a friend. That always tried to do what’s right. Friends that all went on missions. She had her own raised bar for the type of friends she wanted. Which made it easy to see that those she loved the most loved her the most in return.

So we encourage our other kids to have good friends. To surround themselves with greatness. Because having great friends helps us to be great, too.


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