Strong Enough to Live It

While visiting with one of my ecclesiastical leaders ( a.k.a a member of the stake presidency, President D) last night, he told me how much my family inspires him. And that we inspire a lot of other people who are watching us. I was completely blown away. I told him that we are just plugging along, and that we are taking it one day at a time. We aren’t doing anything that should inspire others. But he quickly told me otherwise.

He said that our faith and willingness to put our trust in Him is an inspiration to many, many people. I am still confused. I am just living my life the best I can. I think that is all we can do. What choice do we have but to keep putting one foot in front of the other? Before we know it, we will find that by enduring to the end, and enduring it WELL, we will have made it.

I still wonder why we had to lose Laney. Why I had to learn a different perspective this way. President D told me that there are people who envy our perspective, but would never want to go through what we have to get it. I don’t blame them. I don’t want to go through it either. But I am. I guess I was given this life because I was strong enough to live it, after all.


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2 thoughts on “Strong Enough to Live It

  1. Tina, I love your blog! I always look for updates. This particular story made me think of something…the reason your family is such an inspiration to others now is because you always have been, even before the accident. I thought of one of my neighbors after this story, she was my Miamaid teacher in church and the first person to really take an interest in me being an only member. I looked up to her in so many ways and cannot even describe the influence she didn’t even know she was on me. Her son took his life at the young age of 15. I was devastated, could not believe that such a wonderful person with such a wonderful family could be going through this. It took some time, but she rose above it. Her husband (a non-member) even joined the church and is so strong in his beliefs and his outlook on their situation, it’s amazing. I know they are a huge example to many, but for me, it never took an accident for me to think of them amazing. Same way I think of your family, people have been watching you guys for years, letting you guys place footprints on hearts even before you had to face this trial. Never forget that :)

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