Sometimes, Life Is Just Plain Hard

Sometimes life is just plain hard. This week has been a rough one, and it is only Tuesday! I mentioned before how Laney was always at the ballpark running the show every night of the week. She made up the schedules and the team bags. She even wrote the rules. She was so amazing at her job and made everything run so smooth. Seamless.

Last night, my younger girls had their first softball game. It had been my first time down at the park since Laney’s accident. It was immensely difficult to watch HER life go on without her. I spent half the time crying my eyes out. The other half of the time I was upset that they couldn’t seem to run the games as well as Laney. She always did a great job just teaching the girls. Teasing with the men in the adult leagues, and making sure everyone knew what they were doing.

Laney was amazing at what she did. Everything she touched or tried she was good at. I loved that about her. I don’t think they will ever have anyone quite like Laney again. But I have known that all along.


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