Planting a Tree in Laney’s Memory

I know I have mentioned before how amazing Laney’s friends are. Well, the last week was made easier because of them. On Monday, we got to spend much of the day with Jens. That was the best part of the whole day. That night, several of Laney’s friends came over and we talked about their favorite stories of her. It was a lot of fun to hear stories that were fun memories for them. I also learned some things that Laney probably wouldn’t have liked me knowing. :)

One of Laney’s friends spearheaded having a tree planted in her name at the ballpark where she spent so much time. She got it all donated by people in the community who loved Laney, too. It meant the world to us to have them plant a tree in her honor. This post is to thank those of you, especially Kelli, for making this happen. We love you guys!


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