Extended Mission Call


This past week marked 18 months since we lost Laney. It wasn’t too bad of a week because we have had other things we have been dealing with and thinking about. But the night of the 13th, when one of Laney’s friends sent me a message on Facebook, gave me such reason to pause that I wanted to share her message with you.

I was driving alone the other day, and my thoughts wandered to Laney…

And with today being 18 months, my first thought was… that is the amount that a Sister Missionary serves. And although we don’t get letters or pictures, I know she is doing great missionary work! And it would be like Laney to go above and beyond, so her mission has extended, but the reunion will be that much sweeter because of it. And your family has blessings abounding in store.~ Melanie


Melanie pointed out such a sweet thought for us. It made me cry. Of course, Laney would extend her mission call if she could. And of course she is going above and beyond…because that is exactly how Laney was. We miss her like crazy and look forward to her “homecoming” in what we hope is the not too distant future. Thank you, Mel.


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Basketball Shoes and Backboards


Have I ever mentioned that all five of my girls are athletes? They all love basketball more than any other sport. They play softball and volleyball and run track as they wait for basketball season to start. Laney’s senior year, she got new shoes that had her name and number on them. They were pretty sweet.

The other day, Ally was looking for her own basketball shoes as she headed out to practice. She could only find one. I told her to go find Laney’s shoes and use those.  A few days later, as she headed  to practice again, she had them in her hand.


Later, I asked Ally if it were hard and made her cry to put on her sister’s shoes. She said that it didn’t. But informed me that she was going to wear them from now on. Then yesterday, she told me that when I went to her game, I was going to cry. When I asked her why, she told me that when I saw her in Laney’s shoes that it would make me cry.


But, it didn’t.(I know, you were thinking that I am so emotional lately that it would make me bawl my eyes out.) It actually made me smile. How cool is it to be able to wear your sister’s shoes as you literally follow in her footsteps?

As I thought about it, I smiled again as I remember a conversation I had with Laney not long before we lost her. We were reminiscing about her playing basketball. You know, the,”Remember when…” conversations. We were laughing at when Laney used to run down the court and watch her feet as she ran. She then confessed that she still did! That is when I cried. Because Ally does, too.


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Funny Little Things

Laney helping her friend feed his animals.

Laney helping her friend feed his animals.

I have been thinking all week about some of the funny things I remember about Laney. They come at me during various times of the day, and they have made me both laugh and cry. I wanted to share some of them with you. Like last night, when Ally texted me goodnight. (What is up with teens these days?) My immediate thought was that when Laney was little she always told us “nee night.” So that is how I answered Ally back. And then I cried.


I just saw a pin on Pinterest of a cake someone made. It was a polka-dot cake. It had some colorful blobs of dough in a muffin tin. For some reason, it made me think of play-dough. Laney LOVED play-dough. She didn’t necessarily want to play with it. She like the smell of it. One year in high school, Laney asked for play-dough for Christmas. She wanted the packet of like 24 different ones. They were really cute and came in these tiny containers. I don’t think that there was much in each one. Laney loved them. They are still in her closet.


My favorite, though, is this one: My kids’ dentist, Dr. Kevin Markham, is AMAZING. Like, my kids would beg to go see him amazing. He is so good, that Laney didn’t know she got a shot at the dentist until she was 14 years old. I can very clearly recall the conversation. It went like this: Laney: I have never had a shot when I go to the dentist. Me: Yes, you do. Laney: No I don’t. He just gives me sleepy juice. Me: Laney. He gives you shots. He just calls them sleepy juice. Laney: No he doesn’t. She was appalled that she didn’t know for so long. We all thought it was funny.

I think that as these little moments keep coming to me, I will share some of them with you once in a while. I hope they make you laugh, too.


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