Hearing a Song Brings Memories…and Tears


Yesterday, the local high school had a fundraiser at the regional track meet to raise money for Laney’s scholarship. I hadn’t been to a track meet since Laney’s senior year…almost 4 years ago. It was a little emotional for me. It was also totally unexpected. The emotion.

As I sat and watched the athletes compete, it occurred to me that most of them didn’t know Laney. And if they did, it would only be the seniors. Kind of crazy to think that so much time has passed since her last year in high school.

After Wade and I got home, we were working on a few things around the house. I asked him if it were hard for him to be at the track. He replied that he had no time to think about it, as he was the one barbecuing the hamburgers. He then left to run to the store for me while I finished dinner. Right after he left, the song, Dream a Little Dream of Me  came on the radio.

That is when I lost it. I stood there crying as I made dinner. You see, when we were expecting Laney, Wade picked her name from the movie with the same name. I do not believe in coincidences. I also KNOW that Laney is ever near and blessing our family. This song was a reminder that she was with us yesterday. maybe she was watching the track meet, too.  All I know is that Heavenly Father allows her to be present in our lives. We miss her like crazy, but look forward to the day when we can see her again.

Here is the song that came on the radio. I thought you might like to hear it.


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An Unexpected Compliment


I received a comment on my blog a week ago that got me thinking. It said that they didn’t know how I stayed so strong through it all. First of all, I really don’t feel strong at all. I feel like I am making it a day at a time, sometimes, a minute at a time. It got me thinking about sharing an experience that I had a few weeks ago. Usually when another trial comes, like our latest one, it knocks me for a few days. Then I am able to pick myself up and keep going. It was during this time that a man I worked with asked me how I was doing.

Let me explain why this is such an amazing statement. This man is from a different country, with a very different culture. He speech is often hard to understand, and he usually keeps to himself. So when he stepped into my office and asked me how I was doing, I  just looked at him while I tried to form a response. He actually figured out that I was having a rough time without me saying anything. So what he said next really was one of the best compliments I have received in a while.

He told me I was a strong lady. That when other people have small problems, they just fall down in tears. But that I have a lot of big things, and that I am very strong. When problems come to me, I just keep going and don’t let them get me down for long. It was such a sweet thing to say.

It made me realize (although, really, we already know this) just how much people are watching us. They watch how we react to adversity. They watch how we act during the good times, too. It helped me resolve to do even better, to have more courage because you never really know whose life you can help change by the example that you are.


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Extended Mission Call


This past week marked 18 months since we lost Laney. It wasn’t too bad of a week because we have had other things we have been dealing with and thinking about. But the night of the 13th, when one of Laney’s friends sent me a message on Facebook, gave me such reason to pause that I wanted to share her message with you.

I was driving alone the other day, and my thoughts wandered to Laney…

And with today being 18 months, my first thought was… that is the amount that a Sister Missionary serves. And although we don’t get letters or pictures, I know she is doing great missionary work! And it would be like Laney to go above and beyond, so her mission has extended, but the reunion will be that much sweeter because of it. And your family has blessings abounding in store.~ Melanie


Melanie pointed out such a sweet thought for us. It made me cry. Of course, Laney would extend her mission call if she could. And of course she is going above and beyond…because that is exactly how Laney was. We miss her like crazy and look forward to her “homecoming” in what we hope is the not too distant future. Thank you, Mel.


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