Leap and the Net Will Appear

We all have those times when we can’t see our way out of a situation. Or when we can’t see where the road we are on is leading us. I have had too many of those moments than I care to count. Sometimes the only thing we can do is to keep going, having the faith that things will work out. Sometimes not the way we want them to, but always the way they are supposed to.

The hardest part about this journey we are on is that sometimes we can’t see very far down the road we travel. Sometimes it is deciding between two different paths. The thing that has really helped me is to just trust in Him. He knows our circumstances better than we do. He knows which road to take and where it will lead us.

Sometimes, we need to take that leap into the unknown and watch the net appear. Because it will. I have seen it over and over again. I am in that net now. It must be a big net, because I am only halfway through this journey. I am sure I have a lot more roads to take.


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Starting Down a New Road

Today I started down a new road. One I didn’t see coming. But I am so glad for the blessing. I started a new job. I would be lying if I said I weren’t nervous, but because this job is where I am supposed to be, I know that I will not be alone in the journey.

Amazing how good things can happen that way. Unexpectedly. I thought I would be home for a little while, and here I am in a position to help others along with my family. So I am accepting whatever comes, and I will face it with courage. and the very best that I can give. And I hope in this new place that I can continue to make a difference. Even for one person. Now who wouldn’t love a job like that?


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So Many Hard Things Coming


Ally and Addisyn just finished basketball for the year. So, I signed them up for softball. They didn’t get to play last year because they were both in boots. But they are really excited about playing this year. I am a little nervous though, to be honest. The last time they played two summers ago, I was their coach. And Laney was working at the park all summer umpiring games. Some of those games were her sisters’. She was an AMAZING umpire.

Brynna at bat with Laney umpiring

Laney Umpiring with Ally at bat

Addisyn getting ready to bat. Again, Laney is the umpire.

Wade and I went down last summer after losing Laney to give drinks to her friends that were playing a game in her honor. That was hard. Going to the park. I left in tears.

Wade or I ( but mostly Wade) used to take Laney dinner every night at the park. There are so many reminders. Laney’s friend, Kelli, is spearheading a monument and tree to be planted in her honor at the park this spring. Laney is loved by so many people who saw her at the ball park every summer. It is going to be a rough couple of months, for more than one reason. So as we start on what is probably going to be a rough road for a few months, I will be telling myself that I can do VERY hard things. But they will be worth it.


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