Loved You Once, Love You Still

I have been thinking about Jens for the last couple of weeks as we come upon the year mark. I know it is such a hard time for him, too. But I have mostly been thinking about what he did for us, what he did for Laney.

I am going to put it out there that Jens is the guy every mother wishes their daughter would marry. While we know that will have to wait a little while, we still have him in our lives, and still love him as though her were our son. We all used to laugh that she would say that we loved him more than she did. She was too nervous to tell him she loved him, so she painted her nails, hoping he would know it was for him. Here is the picture:

But it was really Jens who loved her the most. At a time when we, as her parents could not be there for our daughter, he was. He knew exactly what to do for her, what power to call upon first. We will forever be grateful to him for that. For everything he did on the mountain that day. And what he still does for our family, everyday since.  For remembering. For bringing peace into our lives. For loving Laney so much that he wanted her to be his for eternity. For knowing that Heavenly Father will work it all out in the end. For knowing that she will still be his. Never forget how much she loves you. Still.

This picture reminds me of how happy you guys were, and will be again someday. Thank you for making her so incredibly happy. We loved you then, and love you still. We always have, and always will.


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