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I have a habit of reading obituaries. I stopped doing it for a long time after we lost Laney. But the other day, I read about a girl that lives here in Utah. She was the same age as Laney and had struggled with cancer. At the end of her obituary, there was a link to a blog about her journey. I went to the blog after reading her amazing obituary.

I was speechless and extremely emotional to read on Mary’s blog a reference from the story about Laney in the Church News. It blew me away. I know that Laney’s story is out there, and that it has been seen by thousands of people. But seeing it used firsthand to help strengthen someone else going through such a difficult struggle made me so incredibly grateful that Laney had made such an impact.

I often think that when I grow up, I want to be like Laney. I want to look back at my life and know I made a difference. What a legacy she left behind for not only our family, but for countless people who are using her as an example of strength. Yup. When I grow up, I definitely want to be like Laney.


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