I Knew Exactly What I Had

We had a family reunion for the Peacock side this weekend. I love to get together with some of the family I haven’t seen in a while and see all of the new babies in the family. I love visiting with my sisters-in-law that are more than just family. That I would have been friends with even if they weren’t my family. The ones who loved Laney almost as much as us.

Each family brought things to put on a display table about what they have been up to. We thought it would be fun to take along Laney’s pictures from growing up, since some of those cousins would be there. We thought they would like to look at them and remember all of those happy growing up days. It was harder that we thought it would be for people to look through Laney’s pictures. Todd and his family put together a poster and then put a spot on it that said “We miss Laney.” Who knew that three little words could make a person cry?

I have a nephew that was at the reunion who is going to be a chaplain. He is in chaplain school right now at BYU. He grew up with Laney. He is very close to our family. He knows us very well, so it was easy to talk to him about Laney and life. He really helped us see things a little differently. He knew exactly what to say, and is very good at what he does.

There are some in the family that hold such a special place in our hearts for how they have always been so good to our family, but also for how they have treated Laney. They are the ones that were there the day of the accident and went way beyond anything ever expected to help us. We love you guys!


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