How Did We Get Here?

Today marks 11 months since losing Laney. How in the world did we make it to this point? Make it this far when all along we have felt like we couldn’t go another minute? I look back and remember it like it was yesterday. But it also seems like it has gone so fast. I like fast. It gets us closer to being with her again. I am so amazed when I realize how much Heavenly Father has helped us make it one day at a time until we have come as far as we have.

I am not looking forward to the next anniversary date. The one year mark. I know I will be a mess. I am already a mess. But I know that there are people around us who won’t forget. And we won’t forget them either. How did we get here? One step. One minute. One day at a time. Do I have the courage to make it through today? Absolutely. Because I can try again tomorrow.


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2 thoughts on “How Did We Get Here?

  1. Tina, yes, we are definitely thinking of you all today! I was grateful for Greg Olsen’s picture on his site with the caption “Seeing with an eternal perspective brings one peace, hope, and happiness”. If only one could wear a lens that continually had this perspective in the forefront. Keeping you always in our hearts and prayers! V.

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