How Did God Bless My Life Today?

I was talking to my sister-in-law-yesterday about how we are making it through losing Laney. I told her how this new perspective we have has made us notice the blessings and hand of the Lord in our lives. Every single day. Every single day there are things that happen that let us know that He is right here. Helping us. Blessing us. So when I saw this quote from Elder Henry B. Eyring, I knew I had to write about it. He says so eloquently how I feel.

If we look at each day with the thought that Elder Eyring mentions, “How has God blessed my life today?” we will undoubtedly begin to see that He does bless us every day. Having the faith that He is there and that He wants to bless us and that He indeed knows us has been the biggest strength for my family. No matter what we face, we can make it through each day. Because we aren’t doing this on our own.


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