Courage to Make it Through Today

We all have them. Tough times.  Sometimes it is illness or job loss. It could be heartache, discouragement, or the loss of a loved one.  Often times, these things can  try our faith and our strength to keep carrying on.

I have been where you are. I am there now. It has been almost six months since my daughter died. It is tough to find the courage to keep facing each day. I struggle, even now.

I  often think about how she lived every minute of her life to the fullest. She packed more fun and passion into her short 20 years than most people do in their entire lives. I think about the love she had for others. The service she performed on behalf of hundreds of people. The love for her family. The fun she had. The impact for good she had on everyone she met.

Wall that Laney's friends painted

And I want to be just like her. Knowing that my daughter was that type of woman is one of the things that gives me the courage to make it through today. It is my hope that through this blog, I can  inspire and encourage those of us who are facing our own struggles. Maybe in the meantime, I will learn something myself about the courage to make it through today, and then to try again tomorrow.


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9 thoughts on “Courage to Make it Through Today

  1. Hello,

    I stumbled on your blog in searching for advise on being couragious through life’s struggles. Although I have not dealt with death yet in my life, I am going through a very difficult break-up. This person was my life for 5 years and two months after the break-up I moved to a new city 500 miles away which made the pain worse. I realize there can be greater pains in life, like you have experinced losing your daughter, but I think we have experinced many of the same emotions. Loss, hurt, regret, lonliness, a lack of purpose ect. Although we can both say that things coulld have been a lot worse, it doesnt take the pain away. Nothing really does, only in incriments. However reading your blog has showed me there are more important things to worry about then our own personal pain. Others out there have greater struggles and if they possess the courage to overcome this than I certainly can. I can be greatful that I am healthy, I am independent, I am alive, not so many can say the same. Hearing about your loss does sadden me, but knowing it led you to write your story down for all to see so that somone like me struggling to find a ounce of hope would see it and feel encouraged, it makes me finally gain some hope. Sure the days are long and lonley, sure you long for that person to just come back, but sometimes it just cant happen and just have hope that life will bring somone or somthing in our lives that will hold as much significants but this time stay there forever. Hang in there and know that you touched somone out there that needed some hope…

  2. You are not alone. I have two boys and One girl. One is ADHD and one is serve devoloped delay with a austim and mental retared along with few others. I am deaf and a sigle mom. I know how hard it is but we learn to have FAITH. I love the gospel with all my heart. Hang in there as I am hanging in there. Your daughter is beautiful and good to keep it alive.

    • My son has autism as well as Bipolar and ADHD. It is rough, but we keep going. Having faith and knowing that we have no other choice helps a lot.

  3. I think you are truly inspired to write and share your thoughts. I hope your blog spot here we be an inspiration for many to read and follow. To give others strength and courage to face lifes challenges, no matter what they are. I know I will visit often. Thanks Tina

  4. You amaze and teach me more everyday. To one of my dearest and oldest friends may this and everything that comes with it give you courage to face each day. Thank you – love ya

  5. You are an amazing Mother! Love the blog. Laney is watching over you every day and I’m sure she is so proud of the legacy that will live on. You have a special way of touching peoples lives. I will love following your blog! :)

  6. Great Job Tina! I think this website can really give people strength and insight to life’s challenges, both small and large.

  7. I’m so proud of you! Get the workers to move you closer so I can bring over cheesecake four nights a week. This initial post is great. Good work! :)

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