Count Your Other Blessings

This blog is mostly about having the courage to move on after losing my daughter Laney. But I wanted to mention my other blessings. My other kids. I have four other daughters and a son who are amazing in their own right.

They are all struggling in their own way over losing Laney. But they, too, look forward to the future when we will all be together again. They have faith that if we trust in Him, we will be ok. We can even be happy again. His promises are sure.

So, I am going to introduce you to my family. Alyssa is my oldest. She and Laney did everything together growing up. We had Laney as soon as we did because Alyssa needed a friend. They are 18 months apart. They played sports together until Alyssa graduated from high school.

Kaden is my only boy. Laney was his champion. I wonder if his disability is helping to shield him from some of the pain of losing his sister….

Brynna has been Laney’s best friend for the past several years. They did everything together. Laney’s friends were Brynna’s friends. They still are.

Ally is just like Laney. She not only looks like her, but she acts like her, too. She loves the same things Laney did. Her sisters tell her that she even laughs like Laney. And she loves every second of it.

Addisyn is Ally’s twin sister. She is very witty and likes to help make rough situations light. She is probably doing the best of everyone. She misses her sister, but is also very quick to point out that we will see her again.

See what I mean when I say my kids are amazing? I love them very much!


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