One Day at a Time

No matter what trials we may be facing, it may seem insurmountable to us. It could be illness, job loss, stress, or a host of other factors that are making today hard. It is so important to remember that if we can just make it through today, tomorrow will always be there. And it just might be better.

I remember when Wade and I were both unemployed at the same time for over a year and a half. I was very discouraged and couldn’t see that things would improve. I am a worrier, to put it mildly. I worry over things I cannot control. I worry over things I can, too. So as we were going through this rough patch, I was expressing my stress to Wade. His response to me was, ” Don’t worry. Heavenly Father has taken care of us so far. I am sure He will continue to take care of us.”

So I started taking life one day at a time, knowing that if I could just make it through today, tomorrow might be better. Or it might not. But I knew that everything would be ok. And so far, it is working!

Life isn’t always easy, but if we learn to take it one day at a time, we will find that we made it. That when we put our trust in Him, we cannot fail.


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Uplifted, Inspired, Encouraged

How can I feel uplifted, inspired, and encouraged? I will admit that some days are really difficult to get myself together and keep moving forward. But surrounding myself with amazing people helps.

There are people in my life that really care about me and my family. They uplift and inspire us. They encourage us. Sometimes everyday. Some of these people are the ones who were important to Laney. They have taken us under their wings and haven’t forgotten about us. Whether it is a message through Facebook, a simple text message to let us know they are still thinking about us, or just stopping by, they have been a balm of Gilead for us.

In recent weeks, Laney’s friends have gone to the temple with me, sent me text messages and just shown up to say hi. I cannot tell you what it means to me. And to my family. They are helping in a way that they aren’t even aware of. And we love them all.

Jens’ dad makes Ally and Addisyn’s day when he waves to them from the school bus he drives. He has no idea what he does for them. Until now. And Jens. I cannot tell you what that man means to us. I know I have mentioned it before, but just seeing his face and giving him a hug helps each one of us. Him included, I think.

Yesterday, Ally and I were out for a scooter ride and stopped by Jens’ house. I don’t know if we let him get a word in, but just seeing him made us smile. Partly because we know he loves Laney as much as we do. But mostly because we love him, too.


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Waiting For Our Own Sunday


Happy Easter everyone! My thoughts this week have been a lot with what our Savior did for us. His atonement. About how amazing it was that He suffered, died, and was resurrected FOR US.  I cannot imagine how much He must love us.

I have also been thinking about Laney a lot this week. About the Easter traditions that our family has had since Laney was little.We lived in southern Utah until Laney was 13. Every Easter weekend, we would go out to the San Rafael Swell and have an Easter egg hunt with other members of our family.

Hundreds of eggs were colored and then hidden among the nooks and crannies, Usually at a place called “Dino” (It looked like a dinosaurs mouth coming out of the ground). My kids looked forward to this time more than they did the candy they were going to get! We would spend the day with family and then go home all dusty and tired. But we loved every minute of it.

As I look through pictures to post on my blog, I have found a few from when Laney was younger from our trips to the desert that I thought I would share. Looking at them and remembering the good times helps me to know that just as the kids were excited about going to the desert every year, we are now excited for our own Easter weekend. For our own Sunday to come, when the waiting and the cares from this world will be over. When all will be resurrected. When we can see our Savior and Laney again.


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