Beautiful Heartbreak

When I decided to start this blog I knew that I wanted to share Laney’s story with the hopes that it would encourage others. To help them know that they can make it through whatever hard things they are going through. But Laney’s story is also my family’s story now.

Sometimes through this journey of life, we have mountains placed in our way. Everyone will have their own struggles and hardships. While I am not ready to say I am okay with losing Laney, that it has helped me to be a better person, I can say I am trying to piece my life back together. I know that eventually I will make it through. That eventually it will be my beautiful heartbreak. But not yet. I will say that the things that have happened since her accident have been amazing. How her testimony has been shared to thousands of people. How her example and legacy continue to live on. The new perspective I have on life.

All of the pain we are going through, all of the heartbreak of losing Laney, has been so hard. There aren’t even words to describe it. Oh, I know that someday things will be softer, easier. He is picking up the pieces of our broken hearts even now. We have seen tender mercies along the way that show us that we will make it. That He is mindful of us. We have to go through this to get where He wants us to be in our life.

I have no doubt that I will come out on top of this particular mountain.  I am choosing to face each day with courage. To be strong. To be an example to others. To be more like Laney.


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One thought on “Beautiful Heartbreak

  1. Oh, I’m sorry about the loss. But yes, when we are at the lowest, He is there to see us through. Things happen for a reason although it can be painful in most cases. I’m glad you are coping and hopefully be back to normal the soonest. Be strong! :)


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