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I have been married to my kids’ hero for almost 26 years. He has been called many things (including Captain America), but his favorite is that of husband and father. We have six great kids, including a daughter, Laney, who passed away in August of 2011 while hiking, at the tender age of 20. Through my story I hope to remind others that you can make it through whatever you are facing. One day at a time.

Like many of you, I am no stranger to life’s trials and heartaches.This blog is a result of my recent struggles with the loss of my daughter and my hope is to inspire and encourage those whose heads hang down and to strengthen the feeble knees.

I do not want to be here, doing this. I do not want to be a member of this particular club. The club of those who have lost a child. But I am. And so, through my struggles, I will offer thoughts of healing, strength and courage.  I will give insight into how my family is coping, and how it is that we can find the courage to take it one day at a time. And then, to try again tomorrow.

I hope that my words with strengthen you in some way, so that you may be able to carry on and find joy in the journey.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you! My mom and I found your blog by the picture of the Temple and the quote by Jeffrey Holland. I am going through my own trial right now and you have inspired me to keep going. So again Thank You!!!

  2. Dear Tina,
    It’s a pleasure for me finding your blog.
    Read it the whole night long and really feel as if God’s touching my heart again and again.
    I’m a christian for a long time now and I just want to say that you are a great inspiration!
    Love the way how you wrote about your kids and your motherhood. My husband and me have prayed now for nearly ten years for becoming parents… And still praying and hoping for our miricale…. Becoming parents one day…hopefully soon.. 10 years are a long long time..
    Well.. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and all the things Laney did. Thank you for showing that it’ll be worth going through tough times!
    Thank you so very much!
    May the Lord keeps you and bless you!
    Love, Jules

    (…sorry for my bad English- I’m from Germany.. ;-) !)

    • Hi Jules! I am so glad that I am bringing you inspiration. One thing that I can tell you for sure is that even when we don’t know the road ahead, God does. Keep hoping! You can make it through this.
      P.S. I lived in Trier as a kid :) One of Laney’s best friends just came home from a Mormon mission to Germany/Austria.



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