A Lesson in Listening to the Spirit

I have always enjoyed reading stories in the Ensign Magazine about people being prompted to action by the Spirit. I thought  the stories were amazing. I One of those stories happened to me tonight.

It has been a hard summer for us for various reasons. One of which is dealing with the challenges facing my son. I knew that Heavenly Father was mindful of him because of his various struggles. But what just happened has truly made me understand how the Spirit works through other people. That if we are listening, He will send us to the aide of others. Like my retired neighbor just did when he knocked on my door.

He came asking for my son. He told me he didn’t know why he needed to talk to my son, just that the Spirit kept telling him he needed to go talk to Kaden. As I pulled my phone from my pocket to call Kaden, tears started streaming down my face as I told this man how much my son needed a friend. I thanked him for listening to the Spirit. Okay, I blubbered while thanking him. I hope he receives many extra blessings for acting on the prompting that my son needed him.

My neighbor taught me an important lesson tonight. Never put off a prompting. He is one of my heroes.


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