Carry On

This been a week of fun, emotion, and excitement. My girls have been practicing for weeks on participating in the Cultural Celebration for the Brigham City temple dedication. They were able to perform it last night. And it was amazing. I am very proud of them for the time they spent (especially the VERY early mornings) and the effort they put into it. It was so sweet and  reverent to watch all 4,000 youth immediately quiet down and stand when the attending General Authorizes came in.

For my birthday this week, Wade took me to see the musical Little Women. I had seen the movie years ago, and knew the gist of it, but had completely forgotten that one of the sisters dies. Most of the second act was dealing with the loss of Beth. Which made me cry. All through the second act of the musical. They sang a song where the mom (Marme) sang to Jo about carrying on. That we have to carry on in our life. We have to hope and still live life.  I think I cried hardest then.

Wade thought he blew it by taking me on a date and making me cry. But it was ok…because he was crying, too. When life becomes more than you think you can bear…carry on! Carry on.


A Wonderful Experience While Ushering

As many of you know, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has built a temple in the town where I live. They are currently having an open house where anyone can come and walk through the temple before it is dedicated. They ask for volunteers in the church to help serve as ushers; helping people know which way to go, serving refreshments, etc. Last Monday, September 3rd, they had 22,700 visitors! It is a really big deal, and we are loving every minute of the feeling here in our town.

Wade and I had the opportunity to serve as ushers a week or so ago. We got to be in the temple on the floor where the celestial room is. To see pictures of the temple, you can go here. We started out the day in the celestial room. Because we have to be there VERY early, we had the chance to be by ourselves in this beautiful room and ponder on a few things. It was so peaceful. As we sat there waiting on the visitors to arrive, the sun came up right into that room. The large stained glass window in that room faces east, so the sun was directly shining in that window. The effect was magnificent. I could do that every day for the rest of my life. Sit there like that.

Picture in the temple I was looking at.
Painting by Harry Anderson

But I want to tell you about what happened today. I had the opportunity to usher in the temple again. I again found myself on the floor with the celestial room. The sealing rooms are also on this floor. I was standing outside of the largest of three sealing rooms directing the visitors where to go. I had been standing there for about 45 minutes directing visitors and looking at this HUGE picture of the resurrected Christ that was directly across from me. When I turned around for a minute, I realized that the picture on the wall behind me was of Willard Peak. I knew it was there from the last time I ushered, but had forgotten. I looked at that picture, then turned around and looked at the one of Christ. It suddenly occurred to me that here I was, standing with my back to the place that had taken my daughter, and was facing the Man who had saved her. It was a very poignant and emotional moment for me. I am just glad that there weren’t any visitors there for a few minutes to witness my emotional thank you to the One who really did save my daughter. But I am also grateful that I was facing the right way, looking towards Christ.